It is very important, for success of such an event, to keep an eye on the restorative feature; the same importance concerns to fluency of service, courses presentation and graciousness of staff.

    We propose traditional or very innovative, simple or elaborate, rustic or original menus. Food quality is at first place: every course will be cooked on the moment. Refined experience in the art of meals joins to new ideas, creating solutions perfectly fitting on every client needs.

    Whoever wishing for an exclusive event, such as birthdays, baptisms, Communions and weddings, or, for a company, for a meeting and coffee-break, has just to be confindent: the team, choosen by the wedding planner, will interpret every wish, with mastery and detail care, starting from the choice of dishes till tableclothes and special gadgets for making a customized and unique table.
    Every dish has to be eaten by eyes before, and that's why you'll find a spacial care about the looking. We just cooperate with very experienced catering providers.