The tasting candy is nothing but a display of a table with confetti of different tastes placed in glass ampoules and adorned with flowers, crystals, tulle, in keeping with the rest of the outfit to create an irresistible corner greedy. The confetti can be personalized by hand with your initials. Sure to please and visual impact especially if prepared with class and imagination. With us know composition may decide to marry them together. All crystals are our property and in the present.


    Among our services, an event is certainly very original tasting cigar. A table set up with rum, brandy, armagnac, whiskey, chocolate and coffee beans in Guatemala, accompanied by the pleasant aroma of a cigar. This is a selection of impressive and awe for the bride and groom and all their guests who will be affected by the particular intoxicated and choreography that is able to make a table with similar delicacies. Also, if you want it, besides the fact that you will be an expert to accompany you in choosing the cigar taste to discover the hidden secrets, and finally, we reserve a surprise cigars personalized with names and date of your event, will make players and will give your guests the opportunity to make memory.