EMBRACE THE SEA is a massage that takes masseur and recipient in a state of absolute harmony and lightness. The maneuvers, slow rhythmic and energetic, evoking the eternal dance of the waves on earth, punctuated by the rhythm of the breath. It 'a relaxing massage, wrap-around as the amniotic fluid for a fetus, covers the entire body from scalp to toes. With long hugging movement of the massage hands never leave the person's body, giving a feeling of security and peace in a total abandonment harmony. While massaging the whole body, it pays particular attention to areas more than others, are subject to the accumulation of tensions: the spine, abdomen, feet and face.

    EMBRACE THE SEA is the result of the union of Eastern and Western massage techniques which lasts about an hour and a half at the end of which, to remove the oil from the body contact with the water will make the dream a reality and the reality of a dream. All this at home of the bride / groom before trick-wigs. The disassembly and assembly of the cot professional is immediate and fast. It 'a service is requested and not only by brides also by their mothers and sisters first agreeing on the timing.