"Equipment and skills are just the starting point. It is the photographer counting the most.".

    John Hedgecoe

    Such a day has to be remembered. The photographic session is constituted by two parts: the first one, called "Posing Session", is the traditional one, based on canonical and repetitious posing takings; the second one, called "Reportage", is a research for takings describing in a unaffected and spontaneous way the moment.

    In order to give more naturalness, usually natural light is preferred to flash one. The story is told by colours, details and faces; the tale that way born is dynamic and living. "Reportage" can be taken both in colour or in a black and white way.

    The album also reflects the personality of the couple. Our photographers offer the modern picture-book in which images are printed directly onto the pages. This solution has made original and diversified through special devices based on the creativity of the photographer and the sensitivity of the spouses.

    The album cover can be leather, fabric, paper or other Varese and embellished with inlays in wood or silver, always in harmony with the personality of the protagonists. Marriage is a 'time of life so unique that it deserves to be remembered with a video. Each video is new and original, and is capable of telling a romantic and lively history of one couple before and during her marriage in marriage.

    The photographic study of the unusual details embodies all the characteristics described above and that is why we work only with them .. for the great skill and professionalism in making every wedding unique!