The Wedding Cake is the wedding cake in Anglo-Saxon style, ie floors, richly adorned and developed in height. The prelude to a work of art redundant colors and flavors, fine pastry creations that have no limits, not even with regard to the form. Beautiful Wedding Cake shaped gift box, shaped like suitcases or spirit as the imagination can suggest, the spirit to please every taste and every dream.

    Through its implementation for spouses to express a part of themselves, ask witty and colorful or stylish to match the decorations of the wedding reception. It is also possible to add to the Mini Cake Wedding Cake, wedding cakes monoporzioneche recover the original cake, a tradition made ​​in the USA which is depopulated here in Italy.

    Traditions but, you know, initially for the good news! And as these reinforce and spread, innovations are taking hold more and more. Original ideas and unique, who knows, could eventually take the name of tradition. Another example of innovation in the organization of marriage, the Wedding Cookies, biscuits or specially decorated for the wedding.

    Real hand-made biscuits to use as a placeholder during the wedding reception, as wedding favors as special or whatever your imagination suggests. The shapes and decorations can be personalized to the maximum to make your wedding truly unique in every detail!